Our Products

At AML & Compliance we have developed several products that can be acquired individually or collectively.

Each product is designed to work seamlessly with the other and we bespoke each of our services to meet the exact requirement of the businesses we work with.

For the following products we offer two services:

  • Compliance – which includes all relevant and up-to date-polices and setting out a process to follow for ongoing compliance. We will also ensure policies are kept up to date as regulations and legalisation change. In addition, we provide annual training and reviews/audits as appropriate.
  • Administration and Guidance – as an addition to the compliance service, we will also provide ongoing advice and guidance both at the business or customer level and maintenance of breach registers. This will also include internal and external reporting as appropriate.


Our products include (click the link for more info):

MLR 2017 compliance

GDPR and Data Protection compliance

Bribery Act compliance


Our packaged products fit any business and have a starting price that ensures a business is compliant and remains compliant.

The packaged solutions are cost effective and can be built upon by a business to reflect its size and complexity, including in-house resources that may be available.

We also offer bespoke packages for businesses that require ongoing support or more general compliance solutions and support.

The details of each service are provided in the product brochure with a summary on the product page. The starting costs for each are:

ProductsSingle Price
(starting from*)
Multi Service Purchase Discount
(applies when more than one product
is purchased)
MLR 2017 Compliance


MLR Independent Regulation 21 Audits£3,000N/A
GDPR and Data Protection Compliance£3,00025%
Bribery Act Compliance£2,00025%

*starting prices are for SME businesses but may also be applicable to larger businesses, dependent on the number of internal resources.

If you would like to discuss our services in more detail, you can contact us at 0203 985 8553, email us at info@amlandcompliance.co.uk, or complete an enquiry form.