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Office Policies and Procedures Manual

Office manuals are very useful documents that provide a statement of operational processes within a firm and will have some overlay into AML, risk and compliance. Any business that has additional accreditations, such as ISO 9001, will be aware of the value of an office manual and, indeed, will require one to obtain and sustain their accreditation.

An official manual is not always seen as essential for a business to develop and can take considerable time to produce. However, keeping them straightforward and controlled will provide a working document that is used by the firm and respected.

Office Manual Drafting and Maintenance services

AML & Compliance work with a range of businesses to assist them in creating an office manual to be used effectively within the business, ensuring it is relevant and easy to maintain.

This is achieved through working with the business and its staff and managers to understand and document the processes and procedures used within the business for it to function. Documenting these processes in a standardised format ensures the manual has a functional purpose within the business.

The delivery of an office manual provides businesses with clarity. It is a reference point for the business to refer to and measure performance and processes against whilst providing an essential training tool for staff and management.

Keeping it up to date should not be an onerous task and should be part of an overall structure of compliance that allows for sensible document reviews, processes and procedures, including the office manual.

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