Notification and Register Maintenance

Register Maintenance Services

Registers are an effective tool for capturing, storing and managing the AML and compliance requirements within a business. Additionally, they are put in place to evidence that your business is complying with the requirements of statute and regulation.

It is simply not enough to implement policies and procedures. Regulators are as interested in getting the policies right, as they are in businesses being able to demonstrate how they manage, maintain and implement their strategies.

A set of registers alongside a robust auditing policy and reporting policy, will provide a business with the necessary evidence that is required and expected by the regulatory bodies.

The issues with the maintenance of registers is often that they are not updated properly or kept up to date. Furthermore, there is no easy process by which staff can report issues to compliance officers, to capture the necessary information into the registers and investigate issues.

How we can help

To rectify this AML & Compliance work with businesses to: –

·       Notification – Implement simple and easy to use notification forms covering  the core policies and registers for staff to notify issues as they arise.

·       Registers – Implement the necessary registers to support the AML and Compliance policies adopted by the business.

·       Interaction – Interacting with the staff and compliance officers to manage notification and the information contained within registers to ensure they are dealt with.

·       Reporting – Undertake a series of reporting and analysing the data on the registers to review, adapt and improve the businesses AML and Compliance approach.

The focus of our services is to implement a set of registers and processes around the AML and Compliance strategy that are simple, effective and easy to use and maintain.

We have also packaged the administration of registers and reporting into a product which provides firms with a cost effective approach to the maintenance of their registers and reporting requirements.

To enquire about our Register Maintenance services and how AML & Compliance can work with your business you can call us on 0203 985 8553, email us or complete an enquiry form.