Compliance Training

Compliance and Regulation Training Services

Our training courses are designed to be bespoke to your business, providing key training on the topics you need to update, educate and bring knowledge to your staff and professional colleagues.

We cover a range of topics for all seniority of staff with informative training for junior staff, through to more complex courses for senior or technical staff.

In addition, AML & Compliance will work with your staff on a more intensive basis through our mentoring and training programmes.

Our training courses include the following:

  • Anti Money Laundering Training A range of AML training – find out more about our AML Training Services
  • Regulation Training – the basics – An introductory session to the codes of conduct and regulatory requirements of a business’s regulator – we can work across a range of sectors, including:
  • Regulation Training – the detail – A detailed walk through the requirements of legalisation and regulators, how they affect the sector and your business and how they affect staff, clients, operations and performance.
  • Regulation Supervision – Designed for those in supervisory positions in a regulated business identifying how to implement an effective supervision process and maintain it.
  • Regulation Structure the key elements to implementing a regulatory structure, what will work and what will not work and how to ensure your business stays compliant at all times.
  • Policies and Proceduresthe basics – an introductory session on your own businesses policies and procedures and how the impact on staff at all levels and what they are expected to do to comply with your compliance policies.
  • Polices and Procedures – the detail a detailed review and overview of your policies and procedures to include supervision and implementation.
  • Compliance Officer Training – Detailed training for compliance officers on how to fulfil their role.
  • GDPR and Data Protection – the basis – an introduction to the Data Protection Act and GDPR
  • GDPR and Date Protection the detail – A detailed analysis of the Data Protection Act and GDPR and how to enforce and supervise your policies.

Our training can be provided:

  1. Online via video or audio
  2. Class room style in your offices or other venue
  3. Seminary style for your events or larger audiences

To enquire about or book a training session you can call us on 0203 985 8553, email us or complete an enquiry form.