AML Training

An essential element of the Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations is the training of staff to ensure they understand how the AML rules affect them, the company and the processes the business has adopted to eradicate the risk of money laundering.

Staff are required to understand the actions they must take and how they comply with the legalisation both personally and on behalf of the company. It is incumbent on all employers in regulated businesses to provide such training, and it is a legal requirement.

Effective AML Training Courses 

At AML and Compliance, we provide essential training to compliance officers and staff of all levels on:

  • The key element of the AML Regulations
  • What is money laundering
  • How the regulations affect the business
  • How the regulations affect individuals
  • The tactics used by criminals to launder money
  • How to identify potential AML issues
  • The action to take when AML is a concern
  • The requirements of a business and the policies and procedures required to comply with the AML regulations
  • An overview of the business policies, what they mean, the action that must be taken and how they protect the business and its staff
  • Recording and Reporting of AML related issues
  • Reporting to NCA, how and why
  • What to do in the event of direct contact with someone who the business suspects to be money laundering

We have several courses that are aimed at ensuring the various levels in the business receive the training that is relevant to them:

  • The Basics – provided to those who are not fully engaged with customers or involved in the AML process. These are shorter courses aimed at providing a base level understanding of AML issues enabling staff to be aware and take action to protect themselves and the company.
  • Intermediate – provided to those staff who are engaged in AML processes and may or will speak to clients and interact with them. These are courses aimed at educating those in the business who need to understand more as they are involved in the processing of clients and will be involved in AML elements. The courses will ensure the staff are equipped with sufficient knowledge to make informed decisions and take the action expected of them.
  • Advanced – provided to those in compliance and supervisory positions who need to provide advice and guidance to staff alongside the overall engagement in the AML processes and interacting with customers. These courses are more in-depth and provide more examples of issues that arise and where the risks are, and the action that should be taken. These courses will give more senior staff the direction they need to implement and support a robust AML strategy that protects them and the business.

Training delivers the opportunity to ensure that all in a business have the level of knowledge they need. Our AML training courses are designed to engage at the appropriate level to ensure the audience is interacting with the trainers to boost their learning.

Through fusing technical knowledge and practical experience, our courses hold the interest of the delegates delivering appropriate knowledge in the optimum time frame.

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